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Account Manager

Alpharetta, GA · Customer Service


A fast-growing marketing company serving local healthcare practices (chiropractors, dentists, etc) seeks a dynamic Campaign Manager to provide service communications with our clients.

Legal Status:
Full-time salaried employee (US Residents)
Independent Contractor (if Non-US, subject to specific contract terms)

This is a permanent position with advancement possibilities.

Work Location:
Preferred on-site at our executive offices located at 1111 Cambridge Square. Alpharetta, GA 30009. 
For the right applicant, this can be a remote (work-from-home) position.

M-F, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Position Summary:
One of the biggest complaints by business owners about marketing companies is that they are hard to reach and communicate with. Not so with us. This position is the daily contact point for our clients who ensures that their marketing campaigns are being properly executed by our technical production division. Whereas our technical delivery staff are the master chefs back in the "kitchen", the Campaign Manager is the attentive maitre d' out front seeing that the overall client experience is exemplary. It requires maintaining 20 to 30 professional relationships simultaneously, with live communication with clients on a daily basis.

Reports to the Lead Campaign Manager.

Why this position is open:
The company is growing rapidly. As the number of clients increases more Campaign Managers are being hired to ensure our service level stays high.

A. Base salary:
$40,000 annual salary

B. Personal Performance Bonuses:
Various and occasional programs based on rewarding client retention and client service upsells.

C. Company Milestone Bonuses: Varied.
We often have overall company production games based on growth milestones. Past rewards range from lunches/dinners, gift cards, PTO days, instant permanent raises, an extra week's salary bonus, etc. These vary in scope and value.

We do not offer health or other benefits at this time, however, they are contemplated in the future as the company grows.

Paid Time Off:
Salaried employees can qualify for paid time off.

Desired or required experience (or equivalent):

  • Customer Service. (Required)

  • Work with healthcare offices (desired).

Specific Duties of the Position:

  • Onboarding new clients using our checklist of procedures ensures the client has proper expectations and is able to assist in his own campaigns.

  • Handling requests and other service communications from the client and their staff.

  • Conducting phone and/or video training with a client and their staff to ensure they know how to fully profit from our services.

  • Representing your clients' needs at our daily internal technical service conferences where you will help develop plans for maintaining an acceptable level of success for each.

  • Insisting clients to train their staff on our scheduling training program so they get the best results from our lead generation program.

  • Recommending expanded services to clients when appropriate. (There are sometimes bonuses attached to upselling clients).

  • Referring clients in trouble to our quality control area.

  • Encouraging clients to refer us to new businesses under our client referral rewards program.

  • Doing regular checks with the client to ensure they are making money with our program and know it.

  • Setting correct expectations with clients regarding their campaigns.

  • Engaging clients in honest,  two-way communication with us so they are not withholding any relevant communications, concerns, upsets, or confusion from us.

  • Handling upset clients, making them feel heard, and getting a solution executed.

  • Properly informing each client of the actual performance of their campaign.

  • Giving the client the information the client feels they need to make decisions about our services and understand why we recommend the changes we do.

  • Projecting confidence and competence in our services. Ensuring the client feels we have things smoothly and confidently under control.

  • Ensuring clients have no confusion about any aspect of our services.

  • Ensuring clients are so happy that they would not dream of leaving us.

  • Relaying vital marketing information from the client to our Creative Services Department.

  • Ensuring that client campaigns are correct before they launch.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Performance Expectations:

  • 95+% Client retention rate monthly

Daily production is measured statistically. Weekly/Monthly production is graphed and compared to previous weeks.

Required Technical Competencies:

  • Computer literacy sufficient to operate without the need for significant technical support.

  • Use of systems such as Google Docs and Gmail.

  • Comfortable use of social media platforms (You must have an unrestricted personal Facebook account).

  • Ability to quickly learn and master online applications such as Asana, Pipedrive, and others.


Other Skills required:

  • This is a position that requires good communication and relationship-building skills. The right candidate must be a “people person.”

  • Must like a challenging work environment where you are expected to grow and improve your skills and abilities.

  • Punctuality in keeping work schedules and keeping follow-up appointments with prospects.

  • Must be willing to accept constructive criticism and correction related to your job functions.

  • Must be able to keep contact records and administrative details up to date.

  • You must have a good tolerance for production pressure and the need to make performance quotas.

  • You must be able to maintain a high level of professionalism no matter what attitude the other person is presenting.

  • You must show high responsibility and the ability to work independently within the parameters of company policy.

  • You recognize that you are personally responsible for your personal level of production.

  • Must be "thick-skinned" and not easily offended and quick to forgive.

  • Fluent English language speaking and writing skills.

  • Skill in persuasive communication, verbal and written.

Challenges specific to this Position:

Clients can have issues, real or just imagined, that require handling.

You will be taught to catch technical mistakes before they go live and cause problems.

Most practice owners we encounter have been “burned” by the many amateur marketing companies and have become jaded to some degree. They can be reluctant to trust again - but they also badly need marketing services to build their practices. This is done with friendly, helpful, and encouraging communication.

Clients who quit service no matter how good our delivery is.

Clients who are reluctant to give accurate reports of results.

Clients who are very busy and have very limited time to help conduct their campaigns.

Staff members of clients who are covertly hostile to our marketing help as it makes them work more.

Formal Testing and Evaluations:

In addition to background and reference checks, the following tests and assessments may be required of applicants for this position:

1. Personality (Soft Skills) test

2. Intelligence test

3. General aptitude test

4. Literacy and written skills.

5. We are a drug-free workplace dealing with sensitive healthcare functions for clients and thus reserve the right to conduct drug testing. Illicit drug use is not permitted.

Training program:

We believe that initial and ongoing training is essential to the successful execution of any position.

All employees are expected to do paid training on our management system, company policies, systems and training materials.

Daily and weekly reading, training, and drilling (role-playing situations) is an ongoing activity for this position.


More Than A Job
Company Goals And Purposes

We believe that work should have a greater meaning and that our actions as a team should help create a better world in general. At our company, we measure that in lives changed and saved through our clients.


1. People connected with the services that will save or improve their lives.

2. Business owners thriving with an abundant and consistent flow of qualified new customers.


To make marketing so consistent, profitable, and predictable that business owners are able to focus on delivering the services that save and change people's lives for the better.

Provide a full suite of best-in-class local marketing services that free practice owners of the burden of new patient marketing.

To set the example of a professional, competent, and well-organized marketing services company (in stark contrast to the usual slack and disappointing amateur operators in our industry).

To improve the welfare and condition of anyone connected with our company including staff, associates, clients, executives, their families, and every community we touch.

To support non-profit organizations in their various missions to create a better world.

Good Works

Every month we direct thousands of people in to the healthcare office of our clients for the care they need in order to be happy and healthy.

We also support various humanitarian and philanthropic activities such as the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Company Culture & Managment:

We are a family-run company with on-site owners who are passionate about the company's goals and purposes.

The company uses the Hubbard Management System®. This includes management by statistics wherein objective statistical measurements are kept on production activities. Every position, including this one, has one or more direct statistical-based measurements of its productivity. These statistics are graphed, displayed, and compared.

Office politics is minimized as production measurements are plainly evident. Inactive, troubled, or non-productive areas can easily be identified and targeted for correction.

A core component of the Hubbard Management System is job training and positive correction of staff. Job stability (and lower personal stress) comes from having clear expectations, knowing your job well, being able to demonstrate great competence in it, and then being given the time and space to get on with it.

If you are a willing and productive person who just needs a chance to shine. you will thrive under this highly-transparent management system.


Carissa Bryant
The Customer Factory

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